NYC Legislation for Advisory Board to Root Out Discrimination

Ironically, the discrimination and harassment discussion of legislation geared to provide greater protection for NYC healthcare professionals got Zoom-bombed.

The focus of the press conference was to root out sexism and racism in hospitals and medical schools by establishing an Advisory Board. During the press conference, hackers bombed the meeting with pornography. This attack served as evidence as to why the legislation was so desperately needed.

How the Proposed Advisory Board Would Work

According to an article in Forbes magazine, if the legislation passed, an Advisory Board would advise the NYC Council about harassment and discrimination against students and staff in medical schools and hospital staff and patients.

The major factor behind the Board would be its ability to operate independently of NYC medical schools’ and hospitals’ leadership. No hospital CEOs, Deans of medical schools or persons hired by them would be able to sit on the Board. Instead, individual board members would come from groups vulnerable to discrimination.

The Board would meet every quarter and send reports to the Mayor’s Council, which would also be posted to the Department of Health website. They would also share it with a hospital trade association.

A Board comprised of third party members with no vested interest could focus on providing true recourse for health care students, faculty and professionals. As it currently stands, they often have little recourse when facing harassment and discrimination. This is due to the fact that ombudspersons, equity offices and Human Resource departments are often biased in favor of protecting the institution. Complaints may not be as thoroughly investigated as they should be. Furthermore, parties subjected to discrimination and harassment are often in fear of retaliation.

What to do if you are in the medical field and experiencing discrimination and harassment

If someone in the workplace or at a medical school has harassed or discriminated against you, consult with an experienced lawyer. An experienced employment law attorney can seek a favorable outcome on your behalf. Call the Law Office of Peter A. Romero today at (631) 257-5588 or contact us online.