Which industries are the worst for sexual harassment?

While sexual harassment occurs in many industries, there are certain industries with the highest occurrence of sexual harassment.

An article by Safer-America drew on information from the EEOC and other sources. It ranked four industries as the top in sexual harassment issues:

  • Restaurant and hospitality industries
  • Nursing industry
  • Academia
  • Military

Which industry had the highest occurrence of sexual harassment?

As reported in January 2023, the restaurant and hospitality industries have the highest occurrence with approximately 25% occurring in these industries.

The following statistics and facts point out:

  • 75% of the victims of sexual harassment experienced some type of retaliation after they reported the harassment
  • 90% of the women working in restaurants said they encountered being hit on, 50% said it occurred weekly
  • Women in the leisure and hospitality industries filed 14% of the sexual harassment claims
  • 70% of men in the restaurant industry report experiencing some type of sexual harassment
  • Tipped workers are two times more likely to report sexual harassment than untipped workers
  • Of women who formerly worked as tipped workers, 34% quit their jobs due to sexual harassment in the workplace

How prevalent was sexual harassment in the nursing industry?

The healthcare and social assistance industry (nursing) was next, with 11.48% of the EEOC’s sexual harassment reports.

  • While 60% of nurses said they experienced sexual harassment, only 27% reported it to their employer.
  • 39% of nurses said they witnessed a colleague being harassed in the workplace
  • 62% of female nurses and 51% of male nurses said they experienced sexual harassment
  • Fewer male nurses reported sexual harassment (17%), compared with 29% of female nurses who reported it.

As for the types of sexual harassment that nurses experienced:

  • Verbal harassment was 56%
  • Physical harassment was 37%
  • Visual harassment was 29% (winking or gestures)

The people sexually harassing nurses consisted of:

  • Patients (58%)
  • Medical colleagues (26%)
  • Nursing colleagues (24%)
  • Patients’ families or friends (19%)

Academia ranks next for high instances of sexual harassment. Claims of sexual harassment were reported by students, faculty and staff.

The military had the next highest instances of sexual harassment, reported by veterans and active duty personnel.

How can a sexual harassment lawyer help you?

An attorney can protect your rights and take legal action on your behalf. By speaking out, you can help end sexual harassment. Your actions can help others find courage to report their experiences as well.

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