Earlier Allegations Resurfaced

Alleged sexual harassment led to an investigation of an athletic trainer, Scott Shaw, at San Jose State University in 2009. Although the university cleared him in 2010, he is once again under scrutiny. Shaw resigned in August 2020 after several more recent complaints opened months of investigation. The new investigation re-examined the 2009 allegations of sexually abusing 17 women. At that time, the 17 victims complained that Shaw inappropriately touched them, and at least one victim was a minor. The 2010 investigation cleared Shaw, adjudicating that pressure point therapy was valid treatment for muscle injuries. Moreover, the university allowed him to continue treating female athletes, which he did until his recent retirement. However, the recent investigation validated the accusations made in 2009. There was no need to touch women beneath their underwear in private areas.

According to The Mercury News, a number of former athletes came forward. Furthermore, there were coaches and administrators who had insisted Shaw was a threat in 2009. They alleged that based on their objections, the college subjected them to retaliation or termination. As a result, at least three discrimination lawsuits exist where these parties have taken legal action against the university.

The FBI’s Involvement in the Case

Recently, the FBI interviewed Shawna Bryant, who used to work with Scott Shaw as an athletic trainer. Agents have also interviewed claimants that alleged sexual misconduct. At this time, how the FBI became involved and whether Shaw will face criminal charges are unclear.

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