Restaurant Industry Claims with EEOC Are on the Rise

Employment liability claims in the restaurant industry account for more complaints than any other industry. The EEOC indicated this fact even before the Covid pandemic.

Details about EEOC employment liability claims in the restaurant industry

QSR Magazine listed the following statistics from April 16, 2022 and September 21,2022:

  • State and federal workplace lawsuits against hospitality employers were 355
  • Of the 355, 78 were filed during the last 30 days of that period
  • Employee claims alleged sexual harassment, discriminatory practices, wrongful termination, wage and hour violations and other complaints

Recent Chipotle Mexican Grill Claim

Employees sued Chipotle stores in New York City for disregarding scheduling and sick leave laws. The lawsuit covered approximately 13,000 workers and went as far back as 2017. Parties reached a settlement in August 2022. They settled for over $20 million. Affected employees would receive $50 for every week they worked from November 26, 2017 through April 30, 2022.

Other violations included:

  • Not allowing workers to use their accrued sick leaves
  • Failing to give employees two weeks notice of work schedules
  • Mandating employees open and close without paying the $100 premium pay
  • Not offering shifts to current employees prior to hiring new workers
  • Ordering employees to work extra time without written consent

In addition, Chipotle received $1 million in civil penalties. The settlement was the largest work protection settlement in the history of New York City. Furthermore, it was the highest monetary workweek agreement to date in the U.S.

Are you a restaurant industry worker with questions about employment discrimination and violations?

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