You May Be Entitled to a Damage Award If Your Employer Is Violating the Law

Do you work with your hands? Are you a manual laborer who is being paid every other week by your employer? If so, you may have the right to file a lawsuit seeking compensation, as New York law requires employers to pay “manual workers” on a weekly basis. The laws has been broadly construed to include most people who work with their hands. If you think you may qualify as a manual worker who has been wrongfully paid in the state of New York, call the Romero Law Group PLLC at (631)257-5588 to arrange a free initial consultation or send us an email.

I Was Paid My Full Wage, But Received a Paycheck Every Other Week. Can I Still Collect Damages?

Yes. As the law is written, even if you received your regular pay, you may still be able to recover a sum equal to all of the wages you earned, for a period of up to six years.

Aren’t There Class Action Lawsuits Involving Violation of This Law? How Will That Affect My Potential Recovery?

Yes. Walmart and CostCo, among others, have been defendants in class action litigation regarding violation of this law. Both have entered into settlements whereby class members are entitled to some compensation, though it’s nowhere near what you could get under the law. You don’t have to be a party to the class action lawsuit, though. You can opt out of the class and seek a fuller measure of damages in your own litigation.

Will I Get a Larger Settlement If I Opt Out of the Class and File My Own Lawsuit?

Though there’s never a guarantee that you’ll receive anything, and certainly no guarantee that an individual lawsuit will bring a higher damage award or settlement, individuals who settle these types of claims have historically recovered more than participants in class action litigation.

We Can Help Protect Your Employment Rights

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